Seedcase Project

A framework for an open and scalable infrastructure for health data

We believe that by developing high-quality software and providing training on activities and tasks related to building, managing, and sharing health data, the science and research on health and well-being can become better, ultimately helping prevent or manage diseases like diabetes.

Our specific goals are:

  1. To create a framework for setting up an infrastructure for health data that:

    • uses modern technologies
    • scales well to both data as well as teams or organizations
    • is open source
  2. To develop the framework as installable software so that it can be used across health research organizations, small-to-medium sized companies, or research groups or teams to better connect data collectors, researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders to created data.

  3. To improve and strengthen software and data engineering capacity within health research by developing educational and training material, as well as running workshops.

  4. To build and nurture a community around better practices in data management, data engineering, research software engineering, and reproducible and transparent research.